Fairlie's grave in West Norwood Cemetery

The grave in West Norwood is number 20788, in square 22, and a little back from the path. The register in the office shows that the plot cost £26 and five shillings and contains;
Robert Francis Fairlie (Buried) 1885
Joh Simpson Fraser 1891
Mary Fraser 1906
Elizabeth A Fairlie 1907

The gravestone is nearly 6ft tall and has the following insciptions;

Robert Francis Fairlie
Who died July 31st 1885
Aged 54 years

Also of Lily his wife
Who died April 15th 1907
Aged 63 years

John Simpson Fraser
Brother- in- law to the above
Died July 18th 1891
Aged 69 years

And of Mary, his wife
Who died May 11th 1906
Aged 84 years
John Fraser was Fairlie's partner in the take over of Hatcham along with George England Jnr.  Fraser was born 1822, as was Mary, his wife. Mary was presumably Fairlie's older sister.

Grahame Hood (Archivist) My visit took place on 8th July 2014.
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