This project began in the late 1980s, when Douglas Hills merged his company, Hills Diecasting with the Reliance Foundry in premises on Norman Road, Greenwich, London.

The premises contained a plaque showing it was also the registered office of the General Engine & Boiler Company. Their original factory was in The Hatcham Iron Works, Pomeroy Street, New Cross, they became Reliance in the mid-1960s. Before that, the factory was owned by George England.

Douglas was amazed to find that his brother-in-law, Grahame Hood a keen railway enthusiast and editorial contributor to various publications, knew of George England and his work as a locomotive builder. With this common interest, they decided to find out as much as they could about him. After lecturing on George England all over the UK, they decided to document this information as a website.

This as an ongoing project, inviting contributions and opportunities to continue to record this historical archive.
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